“Bully Prevention, Character Development Program”

Drug, Alcohol, and Tobacco Prevention & Recovery

Description of Entire 10 Lesson Program When Completed 

  • 210 page user-friendly teaching curriculum
  • Musical play script, dialogue, and lyrics for children to perform for the community
  • 10 stand-alone lessons with music, and class activities; each lesson is complete within itself to add to current curriculum or to stand alone as one lesson or ten lessons
  • 10 songs, one relevant to each lesson (CD)
  • Teacher Training DVDs and Music DVDs
  • Fund-raising activities for schools and/or community programs
  • Print-ready tee-shirt designs
  • Betty Hatch’s media program for creating positive influence through the media
  • Reproducible Accomplishment Certificates
  • Activity handouts to duplicate for classrooms and/or home
  • Black & White 8 1/2″ x 11″ Posters for each lesson to color (available for younger children)
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